Experience the Next Evolution in Bowling, Today. Touchscreen BES-X!

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Revolutionizing the way you bowl, the system features new non-traditional adaptive MAD games: Monster Factory, Character Factory, Battle on the Lanes and Bowlin’ Hood. Players with different skill levels can now compete on an equal playing field.

And there’s more, lots more:

  • Lane Chatter connects lanes, and Facebook Game Connect uploads your scores and characters automatically
  • Youtoons (link to samples) Take your photo on the lanes on the touchscreen terminals and appear in the graphics on the scoring monitors in fun animations.  Youtoons is perfect for a small gathering or a large corporate event where a ˜boss’ or special person’ may be chosen to appear across all the lanes in the party at random times in different animations making the experience overwhelmingly hilarious.  Your photos can also appear as background grids behind the scoring grid or if you prefer you can replace your name on the overhead monitor with your picture taken right from the touchscreen terminal.
  • New skill games for competitive bowlers feature Head Hunter and Last Pin Challenging even the die-hard bowler, these games equal the playing field regardless of skill level.
  • Improvements for the semi-professional bowler include statistical information that appears on the touchscreen and tracks the bowler’s statistics in real-time.

There is nothing like BES-X in any other scoring system and the 34 different type of games available will appeal to all groups from birthdays to corporate parties.

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