Bowling Fundraisers Can Raise Funds Many Different Ways

  • Entry fees
  • Food and drink sales
  • An Auction
  • A Raffle
  • Sponsors and advertising
  • And of course donations!

How about a Pledge Event, also known as a Bowl-a-Thon?

Tenpin bowling is an extremely enjoyable sport and should be loads of fun for your supporters! Use the entire bowling center or just a few lanes.

A Bowl-a-Thon or pledge event gets your participants to fundraise for you through pledges and crowdfunding. Some examples include:

    • Get people to pledge a donation amount for every pin they knock over
    • The fundraising committee can solicit a single sponsorship amount from their supporters (family and friends, etc.)
    • The fundraising committee sells lane packages for four to five people per lane and hold raffles and auctions throughout the event.
    • Consider having a package that comes with the entry fee or lane package fee with extras like tournament memorabilia shirts, sponsored energy drinks, and/or a barrel of wine or crate of beers (depending on how lively your teams are).

If you are serious about the idea of a bowling fundraiser, give one of our event coordinators a call and let them help you create a fundraising event.

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